Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heading up to the forest on the mountain. 

Waterfall Morombodzi from above. 

To All 

Firstly we want to thank you all for the 
wonderful support we had through the
years. We had many ups and downs, 
but still you spread the word, and
continued to come back to us.  Through
your word, we met so many more people
who visited us and wanted to come back!

This is our first news letter.  With time it
will hopefully improve!  I, Sakkie, was
away for more or less 3 years.  I am back
and will be fully active in all the Tourism
activities from now on.  Gerbre' and Jani
will still be available to help out if needed
until the end of the year. I will be doing
the guiding from now on.   Gerbre' and
Jani are going to school in South Africa
next year.  I really appreciate their
wonderful help and work they did while 
I was away.  We will miss them and have
to spark if we want to fill their shoes!

Since I have been back in September, we
had a very full and exciting month, varying
from Ecology courses, to outreaches, to
birding.  We now have a new route to the
mountain which makes the walking, shorter,
easier and birding better.  In the months
to come we want to renovate and continue 
with construction at our campsite 

Once again we thank  you for all your support
and friendships we made through the years.


Sakkie van Zyl
Gorongosa Adventures Ltd

Contact details:  gorongosainfo@gmail.com
Sakkie:                            (00258) 82 994 4048 
Ria:                                 (00258) 82 343 6228 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

The management team, and the owners of the Camp

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Washing and Toilet facilities

For a small and quite campsite we decided to focus on providing the most comfortable facilities available in a remote location. Hot showers, clean toilets, clean running water and other facilities to guarantee your comfort.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

About the Nhambita community

Our campsite is owned and operated by a partnership of local residents. Because of our long relationship with the local community and the fact that half of the partners in the business are from within the community our campsite has a harmonious relationship with it's neighbours and many of our guests enjoy wandering the local community and introducing themselves to the friendly locals. We are proud of the jobs we are creating in this remote community. We hope you like what we are building here.

Camping and cooking facilities

We have selection of campsites and bungalows, each of which comes with it's own well equipped and beautiful kitchen.
Fire wood is provided and our helpful staff will get a fire going for you within minutes of your arrival. The kitchens feature hot and cold running water and refridgeration is available. Our water comes from our own deep bore hole and is ready to drink and very tasty. We are ready to receive guest and will soon also have a shop suppling food staples and fresh locally grown fruit, vegetables and other produce.